The School is a foundation for development. It stays with the child as a child forever .It defines child‘s future. It creates a mould just as a potter creates his masterpiece. It brings colour and form to do the child’s being just as a painter makes a canvas live.It evolves the child to a valuable human being as an asset to the society. It is therefore one of the most important decision you make for your child.

At Delhi Public School, learning and education is fun. Our School is a “home” in a completely different paradigm. A home, which encompasses within itself the convergence of the divergent cultures, sanskars. In this melting pot, children learn to develop holistic skills which mould them into the class of Ideal Global responsible citizens, prepare them to contribute proactively to this universe where children as individual human beings are encouraged to go out and think independently , diversify their thoughts and translate them into positive actions and goals.

Delhi Public Schools have been serving the Society in the field of education for the last 6 decades. With more than 200 schools under its umbrella, both in India and abroad, it has been committed to quality education for its students . Managed by a group of luminaries(in their respective fields) and distinguished members of the society(from the various walks of life), the organization has ensured that its member schools are on the path of progress with their ideologies and visionary ideas. With time, Delhi Public Schools have become significant centers of learning and are synonymous with growth in young minds.

“The emphasis is on providing an all round development and sound moral values. Fostering Character building and nurturing the inquisitive spirit of children , encouraging scientific temperament and strengthening social bonds, are our constant endeavors. Surging ahead with a spirit of a healthy competition, building a successful career teamed with a contented life, is the gift we give to all our children.”