Samyak Dhyanam@DPS

Samyak Dhyanam

Student means a person who is always a learner.During this learning process,we may face many problems.There are usually some problems that all students face.They need to be counseled time to time.In the sequence a seminar namely ‘Samyak Dhyanam’ was arranged in DPS,kurukshetra on 26 April,2017.A Scientific guru,Acharya Pawan Shri ji discussed about the various problems of students i.e.lack of concentration and sometimes not able to recollect the facts on a particular time.

He suggested many ways to improve our concentration and memory.He taught children to follow ‘The Gap Therapy’&’The Concentration Therapy’.He told students the importance of having a motive of education,the indirect training and gratitude towards their teachers.Principal Mrs.Veena Chopra,along with other teaching staff attended seminar and admired the methods suggested by Acharya ji.She said that the seminar will surely benefit the students to follow their goals and achieve success.