Night Camp Glimpses

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The school organised a Night Camp for classes IIIrd to VIIIth on January 27,2018. Twinkling stars, cool breeze, clear sky and classmates for company, what else they required to make the night memorable. The students enjoyed their independence and time away from their home as they were kept gainfully engaged in variety of fun filled and supervised adventurous activities like Zigzag race, Hardle race, Magic show, Gun shoot, DJ night etc.
The Chairman of the school Mr. Ravinder Singla added warmth to the cool evening by his living and gracious presence. He mingled with all students and also took part in magic show activity.
Laughter and giggles echoed through the corridor and playground. The highlight of the night was the groovy, foot tapping music played by the DJ. The students danced and swayed to the lively beats till late evening. All in all it was a memorable experience for the kids as well as for the teachers.